Dog Ramps for your home

Welcome to our world of meticulously handcrafted dog furniture, proudly made in the scenic landscapes of West Sussex. We prioritize sustainability in every aspect of our production process, using ethically sourced MDF, which not only ensures durability but also supports responsible forest management practices. Combined with our premium paint selection & carpet, we offer a superior finish that will elevate both the style and functionality of your pet's furniture.

How to choose a ramp

We currently have 2 ramps to choose from, a hollow box ramp and a Storage ramp. The 2 ramp types are identical in all dimensions, but as these are large pieces of furniture, we thought that having a door on the back to access the internal area for storing items would be useful.

Once you have decided whether you want the storage or not, next you need to select how tall you need the ramp to be to reach the desired location (sofa/bed etc). We have ramps that are 360mm, 440mm and 620mm tall for you to choose from. All the ramps have a 30 degree incline.

Then choose a graphite grey base runner, or the beige putty runner.

Finally, decide how you want the carpet edged? Go with the same colour as the carpet or go wild with our red our bright blue to really stand out !

That's it, go to the checkout and enjoy free delivery !

Storage 440mm Ramp and Runner

Our Storage Ramp has a door on the back to allow access to the large space inside. Same sizes available as the elegance ramp, but why not make use of the space that these ramps take up !

Elegance 440mm Ramp

This was the first ramp we produced, shown here is our 360mm tall elegance ramp with a graphite runner and navy blue edging. All our ramps are made from 100% FCA 18mm MDF and can support over 100kg. They are solid and will give your pet confidence when they use them.

Carpet runners for our ramps

Our ramp range allows all your furry friends to safely get on and off sofas/beds as they please. The carpet runners allow the ramps to blend in with the decor of your home and also provide grip for your dogs.

Create your prefect ramp

We currently have 2 ramps for you to choose from, a elegance solid box ramp and then our storage ramp. All our ramps are supplied with 2 coats of white primer, and then a final brilliant white top coat with a subtle shine.

Our storage ramp has a flap at the back, and 1 or 2 shelves inside (depending on the height of the ramp) where you can put your dog treats, blankets etc.

We also have carpet runners in 2 colours and have a selection of different edge colours to choose from. Adding a runner allows your pet to get up and down easily as it provides good grip for them.