We understand that every pets home is unique, and that's why we offer a high degree of customisation; from colours and finishes to sizes and styles, every element of our furniture can be tailored to your preferences, allowing for a perfect integration into your living space.  Your pets will be queuing up to have a go ! 

All of our furniture can be made to any required height, and we can provide a primed or finished colour to match your decor, please e-mail us for your exact requirements.

Above and beyond our stock carpet coverings and edging, we can wrap your carpet in one of a hundred different yarns.  Simply send us an off-cut of your carpet, for this we would normally need a piece 35cm * 150cm for our largest ramps.  Our specialist wrapper in West Sussex will trim your carpet to size  and whip it for you.  


As our stock colours, we use a polypropylene German made yarn, and you can choose from any of the below colours. (please note that some colours are a special order and an additional cost may be added, please contact us for more details on this.

 The edged carpets make a stylish addition to the ramps; they are held in place with velcro so you are not restricted to one colour, you can buy multiple carpets and easily swap them over if you move the ramp to a different room or just fancy a change.

Embrace the harmony of style, functionality, and sustainability by choosing our handcrafted dog furniture. With our sustainable wood MDF and premium finishes, you can bring an element of elegance to your home while upholding responsible practices. Customizable to fit your unique tastes and designed to prioritize the health and well-being of your pets, our furniture will become an integral part of your household, perfectly blending with your lifestyle and enhancing the bond you share with your four-legged companions.